Annual Meetings: Each year, usually in the autumn, the Inland Bird Banding Association holds an annual conference in a different part of the inland area.  There you can meet amateur and professional banders and ornithologists with a wide range of interests, and discuss with them mutual concerns.  Exhibits of banding equipment and literature are always featured at the conference, and there is usually an exhibition of bird photography or original artwork by members.


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History: The Inland Bird Banding Association was organized over ninety years ago in 1922, in Chicago, Illinois, and in that same year began publishing the scientific work of bird banders.  (For information  about publication, check out our Publications page.)  The IBBA has been growing ever since and now has members in 34 states and 4 provinces.

Members: The Inland Bird Banding Association is an organization for all who are interested in the serious study of birds, their conservation and ecology.  Organized originally for bird banders in the central United States and Canada, the Association’s activities and publication are of such broad interest that there are now members in most states and many nations.  Become a member on our Membership page.