To support the conservation and study of birds through bird banding

Donating Banding Supplies

Do you have any used bird banding equipment you don’t know what to do with? If so, please consider donating items such as nets, Pyle guides, banding pliers, scales, and calipers to The Institute for Bird Population’s Monitoring Overwinter Survival Program. IBP coordinates a network of monitoring stations across the Neotropics that monitor and band migrant and resident landbirds during the winter months, so we can study the causes of population change through the full annual cycle.

 We regularly get requests for supplies from banders in Latin American countries from Mexico to Colombia. Your contributions keep bird banders in the Neotropics in operation! For more about the MoSI Program, go to:
IBP is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and donations may be eligible for a tax deduction.  

 Please send inquiries or supplies to Steven Albert,, The Institute for Bird Populations, P.O. Box 1346, Point Reyes Station, CA, 94956.