To support the conservation and study of birds through bird banding

North American Bird Bander

North American Bird Bander is a quarterly publication of the Western, Inland, and Eastern Bird Banding Associations which is of interest to banders, ornithologists, and others interested in birds. It regularly includes the following features:

 * Papers and articles based on original research by banders
* Notes and informal observations about birds
* Reports of association activities
* Reviews of books related to birds
* New techniques in determining the age and sex of wild birds
* Use of special research techniques such as color marking and telemetry
* The best ways to attract birds for capture and study
* How to make and use traps, nets, and banding equipment
* Opportunities to participate in research projects with others
* Ideas for projects of your own
* Suggestions for using the data and statistics you have collected
* Annual banding report to which all members who band in the inland area may contribute
* Research funds information

You will also have the opportunity to publish your own findings and share your experiences.  Articles by any member are welcomed by the editor.  Subscribe to NABB by becoming a member.

Recent issues of the journal are available in print only.  The contents of NABB volumes 1-30 (1976-2005) are accessible through the Searchable Ornithological Research Archive (SORA)

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